Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dalrock in the Suburbs

Recently Dalrock had a lot to say about a particular weekly somewhat published by entitled "Single in the Suburbs". Despite that the weekly column reads as a fantasy that likely has the "eat pray love" effect on the happily-married-women-who-apparently-don't-know-they're-actually-unhappy-yet crowd.

In any case, Dalrock makes a much better case than I can reflect from him, so in without further adue, Dalrock's Response to "Single in the Suburbs.

I do gotta say that from what Dalrock has reflected on sounds like perhaps some of it was true, the down-and-out parts, but then when the novelist realized how downer the piece was, she decided to make the ending nigh-impossible (indeed, impossible to happent to any and all who follow her "advice").