Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

To everyone who celebrates it, and even those who don't (in which case, I hope you at least have an above average day).

To tell the truth, I've never really like the blog-reading aspect of holidays. Why? Because like this post, most posters are out doing their thing, which is fine, but it is really boring when everyone does it on the same day. No new news, no new discussions, more or less all the new posts merely wish "Happy/Merry ".

I suppose I am selfish, I love reading everyone else's pieces... at least those that are in the least bit coherent (this cuts out almost all pro-feminism posts), but I don't in particularly enjoy writing down things.

Part of it is because if most of what I want to write is what I just read, because it's brilliant, or it makes sense, or maybe it can help someone in some way.

The other part is because I'm driven mad by repetition. How is this repetiton? Well, I already KNOW what I'm going to write, so when I'm writing it, and necessarily RE-writing it, that's a lot of repetition. Even twice is quite a bit for me. If I hear a story or funny joke, I can repeat it once, but if someone's walking into the room just as it ends, I'm NOT the one telling them that same story or joke. Just my personality I guess, that doesn't mean it is insurmountable though.

I'm finding this to be good writing exercise though, not to say I'm a bad writer, but I'm needing less and less revision as I continue, which can only be good. From here on, I think I'll aim at posting every Saturday.

Which reminds me, the reason I started this blog, even though I've been reading MRA/MGTOW blogs for a long time now, is because of a blog named "What Men are saying about Women"
The author was at the time concerned with little exposure or growth in similar blogs. He understood he had many readers, but none of them would then spread the message. He ran a rally for some of his readers to start blogs of their own, and only one or two answered. I can't find this post, because Christian J. is the opposite of me. I do a post every 30 days, he does 30 posts a day (or did for a while, anyway, and I'm going to boost my number). In case you are wondering, or your name is Christian J. I started one because of that post, but didn't reply. I don't know why I didn't.

The hierarchy of MRA "action" for me goes like this.

Doing absolutely nothing -> Only reading the ideas -> Reposting the ideas (AKA, whining to those who actually act) -> organizing actions -> carrying out said actions.

I've seen some transcendence in the past year. I believe Counter-feminist went from just being an influential blogger to actually organizing to save his fellow man, ala Kevin Driscoll

I've also seen some bloggers go "ghost". I don't know if they still read or if they are just doing "nothing" related. Some still post on other blogs, but a lot less than when they ran their own blogs. I look forward to when I begin working into actual actions, words can be powerful and encourage action, but I can't really feel I've been the change I seek in this world (citing Ghandi on that one) unless I actually do something. When will that be? Good question. All actions need strategies, and all strategies deserve plans. I'm planning now so I'm not actually HARMING my own cause.

Well, as said earlier, Happy Thanksgiving, I understand there will be others who will rather read in their off time than be missing all day. Don't get me wrong, I have plans, but not for every minute tomorrow (today).