Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What you need to know about Tawkify

Ferdinand has written a definitive article on the facts that anyone needs to know about Tawkify and it's founder. Warning: Misandry (from Tawkify) ahead!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fixed that for you...

Sometimes comics can get it wrong and really just need a slight push in the right direction. The comic's name is SMBC and it is number 1609. Just made a few slight alterations to let the truth ring through.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rex Patriarch's Mental Martial Arts (MGTOW)

Hello, Everyone.

It’s been a while since I’ve written or even posted great pieces by someone else, so today I’m going to do some of the latter.

Today I read an interesting piece by Rex Patriarch entitled “Going Your Own Way as a Mental Martial Art” that I found very interesting. I commented on his site, but I don’t think my input is important enough to warrant being next to the essay I’ll be reposting, but it’s still on his site.

“Going Your Own Way as a Mental Martial Art

The idea of going your own way which is basically getting fed up with the double standard, self serving attitudes of women and the stacked deck against men in the legal system isn’t necessarily the all or nothing concept held by some and the problem isn't so much that the grapes are sour as it is the venom is sweet but in the end it's still freaking poison.

But a man does not have to go completely off the radar or totally ban women from his life to go his own way. No, I think going your own way is more of a process where there are levels or degrees in which a man goes to whatever level suits him more or less. Sort of like the way there are different colored belts in a martial art for those who progress to whatever level they are able.

The theory of the belts is not just that they got dyed in a series of colors from white to black but that the belts became dirtier as a man’s training and experience progressed. I thought this concept could be an appropriate comparison to the way a man’s knowledge about the true nature of women can become more jaded or dirtier as his experience with them progresses in life.

This knowledge about the true nature of women is so harmful to their agenda of the entire universe spinning around their vagina that they will stop at nothing to keep young men from coming into this knowledge. This is why women fight so fiercely using all manner of shaming and vitriolic hatred towards any man who exposes the truth about them. The idea that women would have to be truly self sufficient and independent without aid of men or government terrifies them. They absolutely cannot have the slaves leaving Plantation Matriarch otherwise it would be to their own peril.

Well that’s their problem not mine. I didn’t start this insane cultural war against men but make no mistake there is a war going on. It’s not by your choice or mine but the war was already declared a long time ago even before some of you were born so you better wake up to the reality if you want to survive it.

There are many different ways men are fighting this gender war. Some men are beating their heads against the wall trying to be good husbands and fathers only to lose everything in the end anyway, some men become players or pick up artist raiding the supply of enemy vagina while it’s fresh, some men flat out turn gay looking to other men for companionship and then there are those who go their own way being somewhere between the faithful husband and the jerk who knocks up the wife of the faithful husband. That is the area I like to live my life in. Somewhere in the area away from the beta providers, the gays and the jerks.

This area of going my own way can be described as a mental martial art complete with its own color coding depending on what level a man reaches. This of course is just a system I made up based on my own experience. You can use it to compare it with your own life, see where you are at and maybe add new levels to it if you like.

White Belt – This is the first level. You may be in a LTR and or shacking up but having looked around and seen the destruction you don’t give in to the pressure of getting down on one knee and putting an engagement ring on her finger. That is for beta providers who drank the Kool Aid and are ready to sign their life away. You know once you make that mistake the good times are over. The change that will take place will be immediate. She will go from loving companion to bridezilla to angry shrew to bat shit crazy falsely accusing you of anything her imagination can come up with. You will be a 911 call away from getting beaten and tazered to death from White Knights in blue uniforms. No way. You already have one foot out the door and you are keeping it there until it’s time to bolt.

Yellow Belt – Having been through the temper tantrums, listened to the question over and over “Where is this relationship going?” sat through the “We need to talk” moments you wise up and moved out. You haven’t completely kicked her ass to the curb but she is getting to be more of a pain in the ass than she is worth so you put her on ice to see what happens. You may be called yellow for refusing to commit but your gut instinct is to self preservation. This is a dangerous level because she is losing control and knows it. This is where they go for getting pregnant. Be very careful here or it’s 18 plus years of child support for you.

Orange Belt – You made it. You didn’t get suckered into one last drunken sex marathon so she could get knocked up or you may have insisted on a DNA test when she did but tests proved that it wasn't yours. Either way you dodged the bullet. You have finally lost interest in her control issues and completely cut off contact. Now vowed never to make the mistake of letting one of them move in with you again. The freedom is just too sweet to give up when you never know when the mask will come off and she will turn up the heat on you.

Green Belt – Not wanting to be in another LTR but you still spend time with other women thinking maybe there might be one out there that could be worth the effort. There still could be greener pastures. Having been burned before you don’t let them stay over at your place or give them the key to your door. You know better than that now. Anytime spent with chicks are done at their place or some other location but never at your place.

Blue Belt – You been with a few women since the end of your last LTR. You have seen the extreme so you can recognize the subtle. You are not so easily fooled and there is a pattern developing. It’s starting to sink in now that women are all pretty much the same. There is nothing special about any one of them except that each and every one of them thinks she is special. You may even be getting the blues about this knowledge wishing you didn’t have it but you can’t go back. There is no blue pill that you can take to make it all go away. What you know is what you know and there is no such thing as Not All Women Are Like That because they are.

Brown Belt – Having gotten over the blues that All Women Are Like That you discover there is way, way more to life than you ever noticed before. Attracting women to your life is no longer important to you. They can come or go you just don’t care anymore. Having all of your time and energy to yourself you can get back to earth and focus on what’s important to you and not on what some chick thinks is important to you.

Black Belt – It’s been ten or more years since the end of your last LTR. You have started a new business, career or some other venture that is succeeding because you don’t allow women anywhere near it. Women are dream killers and they are not allowed to touch yours. You may have even given up dealing with women in business or in your personal life to the greatest extent that you can. Life is bliss as long as your health holds out and you even notice that has gotten better. All the bullshit about how behind every successful man is a good woman is proving to be the total lie that it is. You realize that some men succeed despite a woman in their life but it is much easier to do without one trying to drag you down.

And there you have it, my version of going your own way as a martial art.

Anyone that calls you a loser for practicing the art of going your own way because you decided to do what is in your best interests for a change instead of a woman’s can take on all the wives and or girlfriends their heart desires. In fact if cycling through as many women as you can is your goal in life you should be happy with the choice I made in mine and encourage others to do the same as I did.

But the real reason other men have a problem with going your own way is the subject of another post.”

Fairly good, I’d say, I think we can all learn from such a root-of-the-issue interpretation.
Well done, Rex!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dalrock in the Suburbs

Recently Dalrock had a lot to say about a particular weekly somewhat published by entitled "Single in the Suburbs". Despite that the weekly column reads as a fantasy that likely has the "eat pray love" effect on the happily-married-women-who-apparently-don't-know-they're-actually-unhappy-yet crowd.

In any case, Dalrock makes a much better case than I can reflect from him, so in without further adue, Dalrock's Response to "Single in the Suburbs.

I do gotta say that from what Dalrock has reflected on sounds like perhaps some of it was true, the down-and-out parts, but then when the novelist realized how downer the piece was, she decided to make the ending nigh-impossible (indeed, impossible to happent to any and all who follow her "advice").

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Polyphasic Sleep

Recently, I've encountered stories of "polyphasic sleep." Polyphasic sleep is, in general, the belief that one can get by with 2-4 hours of sleep per day by napping for 10-30 minutes every x hours. It's been hyped by belief that Leonardo Da Vinci slept in such a matter as well as Thomas Jefferson (at times) and Nikola Tesla (among others!). In addition to saving time, it was also said to allow one to be more creative (like Da Vinci!), learn faster and have more time abound claims of feeling more energetic.

Naturally, I was intrigued and even planned for my own trial into this. I've always had somewhat of a love-hate relationship with sleep. I'd be pretty angry if I slept too late because then that meant lost time (this being before I could just stay up later to make up for the fact that I wasn't tired), and also didn't like that I couldn't just go to sleep when needed and get my full night's sleep out of the way. Mostly, it's not so much time that I hunger for more time these days as optimizing my brain in some fashion. Being able to learn faster or better could really help me out, and I've taken many different measures (sporadically, and with not enough dedication to any one of them) to try to increase my mental efficiencies.

I really don't like the feeling of being tired. To me, it's one of the worst feelings in the world and I've turned off alarm clocks manyatime in the past without even remembering that I did so the next day, skipping any non-work/non-school obligations. I can be a different person "in the morning" when someone tries to wake me up, I'll be fairly rude or inconsiderate about not getting up. I remember getting some 3 day weekend off in high school, and believing I'd sleep through that extra day, I had my Mom wake me up early that day, or rather, I didn't tell her there was no school that day, so she'd wake me up like normal. I woke up in the afternoon, as usual, and asked my Mom why she didn't wake me up. Apparently she did, and without thinking about it (or I did, but it was the other me that speaks for me when I'm asleep) I yelled at her not to wake me up because there was no school that day. I didn't feel proud about how I treated my Mom for something like that.

That's the "hate" part of sleep, but I've also quite often felt a fondness for getting sleep. I've always felt better after a long session of sleep, but I can count the number of naps I've had on one hand, as long as those naps don't include the "naps" that turned into 8 hour sleeping sessions unintentionally. After watching some sleep documentary in High School that lavished that one's work and obligations would feel lighter after sleep, "Ironically, after spending more time in sleep, I felt like I had more time to devote to blah blah blah", so I've always been sure to get a lot of sleep and didn't view sleeping for 9 or 10 hours as a bad thing. It's at the 12 hour mark where I draw the line though.

If I slept for 12+ hours, I wouldn't be happy. I'd usually have a headache from it, not feel like doing anything (though sometimes I'd feel like going back to sleep!) and in general just didn't feel good. Telling me that I was playing "catch up" for all the 5-7 hour sleep binges in High School seemed like so much BS because that was years and years ago and I've gotten way more than enough to 150% compensate that by now. Don't tel me that.

So I was a bit reluctant to just jump into attempting polyphasic sleep. Not because I avoid things that could mess me up, I have a few of those things going on right now or on the back burner at least. I'd say it's a mixture of permanent screw up (don't know if I might get something like Epstein-Barr or narcolepsy from sleep deprivation, sleep's not my intellectual strong suit... yet) and the fact that for me, me personally, it'd be monumentally hard to do. First I'd need a wristwatch that tracked every 3 hours and then beeped, and then timed 10-20 minutes or whatever and was sufficient to wake me up.

Well, I could get the timer by either finding an app for my Droid phone or... make one with several weeks of learning how to make apps, but I still can't wake myself up with sound and light anymore. I've slept through hours of a REALLY loud alarm before, and it's starting to take physical confrontation to wake me up for really really important things with not-much-sleep now. Also, if this made me less efficient, I'd want to save the "acclimation period," the period where you are getting used to this sleep schedule where you're drowsy all the time and sluggish, for a vacation. A vacation like the one coming two weeks from now.

So, I've been waiting until then to even really think about starting this. Even though it'd help quite a few things if I can save time, it's the learning acceleration I'm after, and even with these claims, my faith in this working isn't so high.

Just yesterday, though, I read alllll of this article about polyphasic sleep. I'll be honest and say that I went into it thinking "yep, you say that, but I'll discover it for myself when I try it" and even questioned some parts of the scientific integrity of the author (no offense) when he/she wrote

Sometimes the blog just ends abruptly without a conclusion. Rarely does the "polynapper" admit defeat, or concludes on the infeasibility of polyphasic sleep. Few, disingenuously, claim the successful adaptation to the sleeping schedule and go on to blogging on other subjects.

I mean, how would he (I'm assuming it's a guy for now) know that the schedule is legitimately not working? One can't just say "nope, it's not working even if you say it is!". He does say quite a bit about the mechanics of sleep and why polyphasic sleep wouldn't work by our current understanding, but what if there is something to this we just don't know about yet?

However, even with that in my mind, it just doesn't seem worth it to pursue. For anyone else, their chances of getting acclimated are some percent (if there's a chance at all), but for me and my habits and my NEED TO SLEEP FOREVER it's effectively zero percent. As much as I like experimenting with such promethean potential changes to my life, I just think this will be a collossal waste of time, especially after I read some more the lines from the end of this publication about the failed experiment blogs. I've kept some experiment logs (but not blogs... YET) about the... >.> other things I do which could potentially ruin me, and they ringed a certain "I've heard this before" note with me in that I've written such disappointed lines before. I'd quote them, but they're conveniently at the end of the article in the "doubts" and "the end" sections mostly.

The author says that in 2005 (5 years ago), there was more rumor milling of polyphase sleep, but I haven't really heard of it until recently. I forgot where at first, but then adult swim ran some sort of bump about Da Vinci, imploring the viewer to do the same and, what else, use the extra time to watch their channel. I'm not sure if all the talk about polyphasic sleep has died down that much, it may be time for a revival.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nonsexual applications of Game

In advance, I apologize if you came here expecting to read up on the subject in the title, for I don't have any here.

I haven't posted in a while because I realized how little I know, and of course have the habit of studying others' writing. It's been helpful, as I learn a lot. The lack of writing of my own is more or less out of not being able to communicate what hasn't already been said that's also important.

Well, I would appreciate it if anyone could point me in the direction of how to apply game in non-sexual contexts, more or less to get the social dynamics advantage, especially in regards to where success may be someday gate-guarded from me by a female. I'd like to know how to apply "game" to at least have part of the upperhand and perhaps have less chance of my life being ruined by a zealous, bored woman.

Any links would be appreciated! I understand some of the basics of Game, I believe, but applying it to nonsexual purposes and in what amounts is what I'd like to read up on.

Thank you.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Reasons for Optimism.

Hello! It's been a while, but I think I can get back into the swing of things, I've been mostly reading articles and comments and even commenting on things.

Recently, Dr. Lionel Tiger (wow, two large cats in one name, no offense) debated with a DC area blogger named Amanda Hess on CBC radio about the need for Male Studies (not Men's studies, a feminist facade that's just another Women's studies course that's all about trashing Men), of which Dr. Tiger is a frontrunner in starting the Male Studies disciplines at... I believe Wagner College. That's where the symposium was held anyway.

One can learn more at:

As for the debate with Ms. Hess, it went rather well, as Welmer described in The Spearhead.

You can listen for yourself how it went (I think it's a pop-up when you click the link). Some have described him as being too soft, but I think the mere fact that he could stand his ground and she wasn't willing to start ad hominem'ing him over the air relentlessly just shows how much class he has. All I could really nit-pick about this was how he seemed a bit nervous (you could feel the unneeded adrenaline expressed in his voice), but that passes with time. I also tend to agree with one of the commenters on The Spearhead, Freepress, about how he could've torn her down by revealing that she is NOT for equality or for any such help for Men (warning, uncensored curse words follow):

Freepress wrote:

Also he didn’t do any research on Amanda so he didn’t even realize his enemy was a 2-faced cowardly bitch who regularly writes snide, sarcastic columns attacking men. If he had any sense, he would have immediately exposed her 2-faced position.

If you hadn’t read her column, you’d think she sounded reasonable. But after reading her column and hearing her on the podcast, you quickly realize she’s nothing more than a 2-faced cunt being diplomatic for the sake of the airtime. I would have immediately started reading off her own quotes to her and embarrassed the fuck out of that moron. Instead of explain himself to her, he should have been demanding she explain her hypocritical views to him. That would be more telling of a reason why male studies is such a necessity today.

The solution to a problem doesn’t become apparent until the root problem is EXPOSED. He completely failed to do that and he had the perfect opportunity with a hypocritical cunt like Amanda.

I didn't censor the curse words because, even though it's far from my style, the whole thing seems emasculated by censoring like changing it to c* or such. And just removing the words removes context. Let me know what you think in the comments.

This was just a snippet from his quote, the rest is more or less accusations that the MRA leaders are being too soft and passive, but its great he thinks that way. If he gets into the public view as Lionel Tiger and others have worked hard to do so, he can share his side, perhaps making all the "passives" seem more reasonable by comparison (not to call Freepress unreasonable, just how it'll be received).

In any case, this Man, Dr. Lionel Tiger, wasn't shouted down by either the host of the talk show... radio show... whichever it was, and he stood mostly firm on his points. My position differs from his more or less, but if he wins, I wins, We wins.

Why wasn't Dr. Tiger ad hominem'd and shouted down? I like Tim's explanation in the comments of The Spearhead:

Tim wrote:

I wasn’t sure what to make of Lionel Tiger’s thorough drubbing of Amanda Hess, when he lashed out at her for distorting his message. If he had remained silent he still would have been considered intelligent and well-intentioned, and the message would have gone out that Male Studies is a worthy and noble endeavor, regardless.

Which brings me to this thought: is it time for men now to stop looking down at their shoes and automatically apologizing to women when we debate them? Is it time now to be assertive, and even aggressive when it comes time to contesting our position regarding feminism?

I submit that it is, gentlemen, as long as it is calibrated correctly. Now is the time to throw out weight around -in the realm of ideas. Obviously I do not mean physically. However, when it comes to ideas, it is more prescient than ever to put the foot down, and even to lay the occasional verbal smackdown, if needed. We need not do this to ordinary women, who are merely going about their daily lives. But to self-described feminists? Hell yes. I don’t know about you guys, but I am smelling blood. Feminists are aware they are sitting atop a mountain of privileges and special protections.

Amanda Hess could have lashed out at Lionel Tiger just as he did to her…but she didn’t.

She didn’t because she knows that the so-called oppression of women is no longer axiomatic, and men are on to their game.

It’s time to lean on feminists, and lean hard.

Apply pressure. Lean. Argue. Apply pressure again.


Continue again.

Onto minor observations in television, if I see more of this, I'll post them. In new articles.

First off, I don't think this is "the end of misandry" (I like to pronounce it mizzandry, just kinda rolls off the tongue and sounds like misery, which it causes) "and we should all dance in the streets because our days of work are over".

Nope, not even close. Some companies and commercials may be willing to tone it down a bit, but that's not NO SIGN of a near end to misandry. In fact, what will end misandry will be the Misandry Bubble popping. I suppose we can think of what we're seeing as the first rats out of the burning barn, eh?

First, how swiffer has portrayed mops and brooms in the past has been, unquestionably to resemble Men being kicked out of relationships by Women.

No idea how to embed videos just yet, so until I know, go ahead and open in a new tab or whatever's most convenient for you.

swiffer 1

swiffer 2

swiffer 3

Really kind of annoying so far, but nothing to get all bent out of shape about right? WRONG. In a way it's revealing of how even a TOOL, an object that works until it doesn't, can't be appreciated by Women, especially since they're personified. Now, it's a bit hard for me to equate this to being objectifying of Men, because these are objects. Objects personified. Personified Objects are not the same as Objectified Persons... get it? It still shows that if you replaced each cleaning utencil with a Man it could be its own show on "lifetime" or "oxygen".

These next ones are a bit more realistic of the worse of what Men can go through:

swiffer 4 pickup

Wow, how entitled said bartender is. I mean, sure the feather duster isn't asking HER out, necessarily, but still, to expect that much (and even with that little feminist catch-phrase, "have it all"), that's just absurd and very princess of her/Women... and yet it's true. They DO expect all that, and probably won't get it, and if Men snap out of their daze and refuse to marry (ala Marriage Strike) then they won't get ANYthing out of Men. Also, she doesn't exactly say that Women's expectations are a bad thing with her "you're just don't get it, do ya?" and how she said "WE" when leading off this list of demands.

swiffer 5 court

Wow, "Can you point to the defendant?"... Did he seriously just ask that? Go on, go watch again, make sure he said EXACTLY that sentence, I'll be right here when you get back...

Did you hear that? HOW does that make sense? The defendant in a court is ALWAYS the defendant, that doesn't mean said person did anything, just that said defendant is accused. In a real court case, it could work out that she was describing someone else (though this whole thing is bogus for reasons I'll go into in just a bit) and then when ASKED to point to the defendant, a completely separate person from who she could've been describing, she'll point to the defendant! There's no link! This is just retarded!

Second, what's "he" on trial for? If this is a mockery of... cheating (perhaps?) then it probably wouldn't end up in any serious court, just divorce court, which wouldn't matter anyway because of "no fault divorce". Or is not picking up every last crumb now a capital crime? You probably can't even SUE the makers of said broom for not doing that. And the tagline after that? "Put your broom away for life"... wow, if they are supposed to resemble Men (again, it's hard to make the case that they are objectifying a personified object, but I'll let you make the call on that), they really don't care about the lives of Men at all, life sentences are no laughing matter, especially in issues of False Rape Accusations. Putting someone away for life is a very serious matter and should only be done when a crime is both heinous and provable enough that the law CANNOT do any harm to an innocent. Blackstone said it would be better for ten guilty Men to go free than for the government to falsely punish one Innocent one, and I agree, Justice has to be more discreet and work overtime to get any "perps" and it should be 100% certain, not just a "she said/he said and was ignored" issue, nor a "please point at the defendant... GASP!!!" issue.

swiffer 6 counselor

Going to be honest, when I started writing this, I thought it would be more positive, but it's starting to look worse. I hate this one too (counselor one above), and the only one I could find that didn't demonize an object taking the place of a Man in our everyday society was this FANMADE video (still kind of annoying, but dang is it the only one with a Man dumping a presumptively "female" mop.

swiffer 7 fanmade

EDIT: Oh wait, I found another, but it looks like it is on the boundary between "airable on TV" and "Fanmade", especially the last 7 or so seconds which really makes it look fanmade, but the whole thing looks well done... I guess.

swiffer 8 fanmade?

This ninth one is the one I've been looking for for quite a while, but the above 8 were what I clicked on in the "related" list before I finally found this one, I thought I'd only have like... 3 of these older ones, but look at it now.

swiffer 9

This one seems a bit more positive to me, for one, "he's" not actively getting "dumped", but it's more or less an assumed event of the past. Plus, there's music!... and "he's" DANCING!! Still annoying, but the rediculousness of it all makes it more lighthearted than the others.

Well, anyway, after a few years of THAT they finally changed it up a little. The mop/broom/whatever still gets "dumped" and trashed, but hey, he finds SOMEONE ELSE, rather than doing life in prison, or constantly hanging around her place forlornly.

swiffer 10 who's that lady (yeah, ignore the misspelling of the video's actual title, I'm sure the uploader [not likely the swiffer company] misspelled it)

It's still annoying, and still involves dumping, but it's definitely a more positive note for the broom, wouldn't you say? Again, this isn't the end of misandry, in fact I found more than I bargained for just writing this, but it DOES show, that on a theoretical level, maybe someone is listening to a growing concern not to treat Men like tools (okay... the broom is still a "tool"...), or rather, perhaps in some ways misandry is at least getting toned down.

I realize these are meant to be "jokes", I can laugh at myself, but when it's a full scale Men = Homer Simpson from the information mediums all day and all night, it starts to "educate" people incorrectly. Constant bombardment goes only so far from being "satirical" to being presumably "documentary", because a joke is funny when it's half true, but when its the same joke everywhere, we get the impression that it's ALL true, even if it was a joke about 0.02% (read: a fiftieth of a percent, or 1/5000) of Men, eventually it'll be presumed that most or even ALL Men are like that and deserve that... great.

How was this optimistic? Well, the last swiffer commercial was far more stomachable than the previous 9, you make the decision on what this means, let me know! If I find "more" (more is in quotes because someone may argue effectively that this wasn't a good result at all, thus any further findings would be the REAL first and this would be a "fake" first) I'll post them!

The False Rape Society is also an occassionally basin of optimism when false rape accusers get sentenced and the accused innocense realized.