Friday, July 17, 2009

Feminism Vs. Men's Rights

It was my pleasure to catch this at Counter-Feminist a few days ago (I think), Anyway, it just goes to show how experienced our veteran thinkers are. The Logic is so simple, yet indesputable, I hope to come up with thesis(es) half as good as this in the future.

I believe it's important for all of us to realize first and foremost our purpose, and our reason for being. Afterall, to use an analogy, the best way to bring down a tree is not to cut the branches from the top down, but to strike it's core, it's trunk. I think our core-reasoning is that trunk, and the more we realize how necessary our actions are, the more powerful and strengthened the rest of our efforts will become.

Whether MRA, FRA, or MGTOW, or even PUA we can all see that our rights are important to us, and we'll need to act, to argue, to vote, to FIGHT to keep our rights.

EDIT: This video is originally made by Factory, of "Hunting for Archtypes" fame, which was then watched (repeatedly) by Counter-Feminist and then transposed into text on Counter-Feminist's Blog. I'm just spreading the word, as the basics are always the most important.


  1. Strange that you have to click on "This Post" first before you can add comments. I didn't disable comments for this post though... huh.

    Well, if you can find your way here, feel free to comment! Wonderful piece if I may so, Thanks Factory!

  2. Anytime. I'm thinking a new vid or two sometime soon might be a good idea.

    Maybe it's time to stop "reacting" and start laying out some strategy...


  3. Yes, I hate just posting other peoples' brilliant works, and I'm working on my own stuff, but it's still W.I.P.

    And indeed, the MRA seems to mostly be focused on deflecting feminists, that's a defensive move and we are behind. You don't inact defense unless you are ahead. It's time to be more on the offensive, I think.

  4. "And indeed, the MRA seems to mostly be focused on deflecting feminists, that's a defensive move and we are behind. You don't inact defense unless you are ahead. It's time to be more on the offensive, I think."

    It is interesting to hear you say this.

    I have advocated going on the offensive for a long time, and that is the stance which I almost always adopt in my rhetoric.

    This video by Factory is is also a shining example of such. I like the way that he flips the feminist tortoise on its back! ;))

  5. This may sound silly, but I tend to think of things in terms of Go where applicable, and that was another aspect of it that fit in this case.

    If you are losing and on the defensive, you're likely going to lose since to the end your demise will stay certain since you'll gain nothing.

    I like to think of some of these realizations as "building your bases", as in Go, you need "two eyes" for a group to live, so not all groups are safe until you've done a thorough analysis of if it can "live". Well, I think of realizing that your movement is necessary, and your cause is Just, is like developing a base to live, and then you go out to capture more territory, because you don't build up a built up group.

  6. @Amstrat:

    That is VERY interesting.

    I need to attend Prof. Google's class on "Go". ;)

  7. Well, it's a developed taste, that's for sure, if your game of strategy is Chess, that's fine, I don't think one is better than the other (though a computer has yet to beat a Go champion, if I remember right).

    At first it'll be VERY HARD to see the strategy until you get the basics, it takes patience to play long enough to start seeing this "Mental Martial Art".

    Not scaring you off, if anyone can master the game, it's you, Fidel. I've just seen new player after new player leave feeling discouraged because they were never taught the "first 50 games rule"... where you should expect to lose your first 50 games.

    I think I'll develop my next posts along the lines of what we should do. I think that right now we're doing alright because getting the message out feels the most effective right now, when our base grows, like Fathers for Families, we can take on more active roles. But now seems a good time to educate without getting yourself ostracized, maybe the more advanced can start awareness groups, being that we need allies, and still far too many Men face us out of miseducation.

  8. @Amstrat:

    Actually, my game of strategy is . . . studying history, philosophy, political science, and a host of things unrelated to feminism. You cannot truly *SEE* something until you step well outside of it and study how it fits into the universe. . .

    But at the risk of repeating myself (somewhat): the idea of going on the offensive when you seem to be losing, is some of the best strategic thinking I've heard in a while.

    And it packs into a nutshell what I've been trying to articulate for almost as long as I've been blogging.

    Rather than "answering for yourself", you turn the table by DEMANDING ANSWERS. And quite ruthless about it, too! ;) And then. . . you inspire numbers of people (the more the merrier! ;) to act in just the same style. There is nothing like an ARMY of relentless inquisitors to make the other side comprehend that it will be in their interest to negotiate.

    Another MRA blogger said just today that it's basically all about POWER, pure and simple. Which is also what I've been preaching! :))

    (After all, it's what the other side has been practicing for years and years. Surely they can't object to a little taste of it! ;)

  9. Indeed, anything can be applied to the universe in such a way, it's not until you step AWAY from the game to see it's universal truths, or at least the ones that fit to certain situations.

    By doing little but just trying to explain ourselves (a defensive position) to let us be, we've seen just how OFFENSive the feminists can be...

    I cringe whenever I watch said video, it is the death of any intelligent thought to not just ignore the opposition, but to shout it down, which I've seen countless times. And for what reason? Are Battered Husbands getting treatment all of the sudden going to start destroying everything? Raping women? Why?!

    And it's a fairly neutral/defensive position too, it doesn't advocate for anything less to be done for women, but I think I can see the offense the feminists see. It 1. detracts from their golden rule of Man Bad/woman Good, and 2. Opens the doors to several shams posing as women's help centers.

    I do indeed believe it's time for offensive action, but like I said, I am the AMATEUR Strategist, I know when it's time for SOMEthing, but I wasn't sure what the something is always... I think your idea of beating them down with relentless questions is a good idea, especially if those questions are never answered, or answered with another question, etc.

    I plan to write more, I'm just thinking of the best way to post the (IMO) smartest thing I ever read when it comes to feminism on here, maybe with my interspercing comments or something, it's very long, and free to access, I'd like this fellow to get more spread, as well as for everyone to understand some of the most integral motions of our mutual enemy.

    Thanks for stopping by again!

  10. Here's something that might raise a grin.

    As you will surely agree, such people offer no challenge whatsoever, save it were the challenge that "invincible ignorance" throws across our road.

    There is a reason why I call it "feminist subjectivism", and there is a reason why I declare that feminists have lost the authority to say what feminism *IS*.

    Feminism is only what the non-feminist world says it is. End of story. ;)