Thursday, May 7, 2009

Starting up slow, but sure

I realize it's been about a month since my first post, so I'm posting once more to get used to the consistency.

Just read some groutesque news from False Rape Society and Counter-Feminist about potential new rulings to shift the burden of proof from the prosecution to the defense in all cases of sex, which will then be presumed to be rape...

I'm kind of disgusted, so I'll need to comment a bit more on it later.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! :)

    I remember when I started the Counter-Feminist waaay back in Oct 2006. (Gads, has it been THAT long...?)

    Anyway, I got off to a roaring start because I had been writing for a long time before I commenced blogging. So I just posted a bunch of that material ready-made!

    That early writing has been the foundation for most of my posts ever since. First I sketched the basic ideas, then I developed and expanded.

    Some bloggers just like to rant and rave, but me, I have tried to develop a systematic body of theory that would have some political usefulness. . .

    Oh all right, I too like to rant and rave sometimes! ;)

    Anyhoo: I shall look forward to your contributions, and I will add you to my links in the next day or three. .



  2. Wow, it's Fidelbogen!

    You're one of my biggest influences, but I have to read your posts either slowly or twice so as not to miss anything, since you explain every detail (important nonetheless) and I gotta make sure I keep up.

    I suppose I should actually schedule stuff to actually write in here, lol, Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Bad, bad Fidelbogen! :(

    I forgot to add you to my links. BUT....I will do it tonight without fail!

  4. Strategist, welcome aboard. I'll link to ya. EW

  5. Thanks a bunch guys, glad to be welcomed.

    Just as a reference to the future though, I'm not moderating my comments only because I sometimes get busy and can't check comments every night, so I'll let them post themselves and maybe if something is crass enough I'll take action.

    So feel free to post!

  6. Ameteur Strategist,

    Welcome to the neighborhood. I actually post over at FalseRapeSociety with Pierce Harlan.

    The draconian measures that the Feminist controlled rape-industrial-complex are attempting to implement are truly staggering and horrific in scope. Essentially, they have reached the point where it will be illegal to be male and heterosexual in the western world.

    Again, welcome to the neighborhood, and I look forward to reading what you have to say.

  7. Hi, I'll give a link to you too. I'm always quite obliged to network with other pro-male and anti-feminist bloggers and writers.