Saturday, March 20, 2010

Amateur Strategist: Apparently 62% Woman written.

I wonder what sort of criteria this "artificial intelligence" is going on. I think it might be like TV is currently where everything is feminized and when the topic of "when do we appeal to males?" comes up, they go over the top with every extreme stereotype under the sun and end up with something like "The Man Show" (not knocking it), when they just needed something to do with actual intelligence and not focused on relationships.

Since PMAFT started his blog a bit before I did, I kinda consider him to be more like what I'd like to write like, and that is more often, and with a lot of content. So I tested his too...
PMAFT is 51% woman written...

Alright, fair enough to base my word choice to be womaning, but you can't expect anyone to mistake PMAFT for a Woman, even in word choice. Let's test this thing with something it CAN'T get wrong.

67% female...

Epic Fail, gentlemen, unless Women tend to write about banging Women on a balcony, while sitting in a chair, and various other things.

More on this later.


  1. AI is still in a primitive state. Progress is being made, but its not as fast as science fiction from the 50s would have you believe.

    However, one problem I see in the analysis of my blog at least is that I will fully or partially quote women I'm talking about. The genderanalyzer isn't separating that out. If it did I'm sure it would recognize me as more than 50% male.

  2. Here was mine:

    "We guess is written by a man (60%), however it's quite gender neutral."

    So it was accurate in a sense. Perhaps I use more action words in my writing?

  3. i got a 96% male score for my blog :-)